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intensity graph configuration


I am still  beginner with LabVIEW  and  the VI I am working on acquire current and voltage while varying two other voltages. I want to plot the measurement on the intensity graph but I do not know how to make my X  as the first voltage that i change,Y as the voltage that I measure and Z as my current measured.

you can find a picture of my VI below.



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An intensity graph takes as an input a 2D array of doubles. the row and column indices of the 2D array correspond to the X and Y axis and the elements in the array are the Z axis. This ensures that you have a Z value for every XY location in the graph.


However, you want to use your controlled voltage as X and measured voltage as Y, so those values aren't going to translate into 2D array indices without performing some kind of interpolation between your data points. It may be better to use something like a 3D surface plot.



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I think I did not explain enough what I want .because I found that many people had ploted the data in a intensity graph while working on transistors. an example is attached in the picture below and it is exaclty what i want to do to.

in my programe I generate Vg, I generate Vdd I measure Vds and current .

I am measuring current and that would be my Z axis .
i want the axis X represent voltage in the gate Vg.
the axis Y the voltage in the drain Vds.

the problem is that the axis X and Y takes the values of the variation of N of the Loops .

a picture of my VI is attached below.

a picture of my ciruit on the breadbord is attached bellow.

a picture of the example that I found is attached below.

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Have you seen the following thread X-Y-Z Plotting on Intensity Chart ? If your intensity-specific graph is blank, as described in Intensity Graph Not Displaying Data, you might want to change the indicator graph type. Also, could post a picture of the behavior of your graph right now?

Christine B
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National Instruments
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1-the picture of the graph that i get is below.

2-a picture of a graph that i found,and i want to get one is attached bellow too.

as you will see ,X axis change by 1 , otherwise my voltage change by 0.5. so 0,1,2,3,4 ,5represent the number of iterations and not the change of my voltage, it should be instead 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2.

the same problem for Y axis.

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