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integrating plot multi x-y vi's and three dimensional graph vi's

i wish to plot a three dimensional graph of multiple data points (there is no formula or math function involved so currently simulated using dc signals). i used plot multi x-y vi for acquiring the points but it is in "2-d picture" format. i used 3-D surface graph vi for graph generation which is in a different format. can i integrate the two somehow or is there any other way out?
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To plot multiple x,y curves in 3D use the 3D

The attached example demonstrates using 3D to plot several time varying curves.

I hope this helps
Kurt Friday
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hi Kurt, thanks for your reply.
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hi, i have another query. can i get a three dimen. thermal heat flow model of a cuboid structure by further modifications in this vi itself?
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It depends on how you want to visualise the data. Can you provide more information please?
Kurt Friday
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