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insane object intensity chart

I have a program that gives me an Insane Object Error when I try to save.  It seems to happen when I add an intensity chart.  Attached are the error messages. When I look at the Heap Peek for my program, I see that my offending object is the entire Front Panel!
I have cut and pasted the program to another VI and re-written most of the program but I still get the error.  I'm not certain, but now believe that the error is caused when I place the intensity chart on the front panel.  Has anyone else seen anything similar?

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Hi Telemaque,

Oh yes... The infamous "Insane Objects"...  They can drive you insane... 😮  😉

Basically, (for some reason), somethings gets corrupted in the vi block diagram.  Until recently, the solution was to simple copy & paste into a new blank diagram.  I recently read that there is a way to actually trap (see?) what the actual object is..  I'll try to find the thread which discusses it.

Here are some links for your reading pleasure:

Have a look at the 4th post in this thread:

I think you'll like this thread..


Hope this helps,


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    I agree that the error is well named.  Thanks for the reading material; it gave me a few ideas to check, but I haven't solved the problem yet.  I may actually consider rewriting the blasted thing from scratch....nah, I'll save that as a last resort.

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Did you try the infamous "select all / copy / open new blank vi / paste / save as original_filename" approach?

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Hello Telemarque,

I am really curious about what led you to believe that an Intensity Chart is causing the errors.  Are you able to save the VI without the insane object, then add an intensity chart and get the error?  Maybe you could share your VI with us so we can see the insane object. 

Steven T

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Steven T,
    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  First, let me say that I made a mistake, I meant to write that adding an intensity GRAPH gave me the insane object error, not a chart (though I did try both and got the same error).  You are right about how I knew the problem was with the graph: I could save the program without it, but when I added it and tried to save, the program crashed and gave me the insane object error.  I re-wrote part of the program, and copied the rest to the new file (the vi is too big to write again completely from scratch).  Things seem to be working normally for now.
Have you ever encountered an insane object error that gave the entire front panel as the insane object?
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Hi Telemaque,

I must admit, this is the first time that I read that the entire Front Panel became an insane object. 


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