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input buffer of serial port

Yep, serpdrv is going away. But please don't panic yet. The serial VI's will be kept around for compatibility. The implementation inside the serial VI's is being modified to use VISA instead of the LabVIEW serial driver, aka serpdrv.

Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. As someone mentioned, there was a previous thread on info-labview, so I won't rehash all of them here. But I would like to address a few, at least some of the issues raised in this reply chain.

First, I'm glad serpdrv worked fine for you, but I can assure you it wasn't "flawless". I'm not saying VISA is flawless either, but it really is kind of silly to have several distinct NI serial drivers (and maintain them). So we're working to make instru
ment communication more cohesive and consistent from LabVIEW. This is just another in a series of steps we've taken to do that.

A multi-megabyte install? Well, with the full installation with all the tools, yes. But we've got a less-than-1-megabyte VISA serial installation on the horizon to make at least the serial case easier. Still larger than 11KB, but it'd be difficult for you to convince me that you need to be able to install a new application onto a machine with less than 1MB of free space. Again, this is another step.

Someone commented that the legacy Serial VI's might be more useful for a port to Palm, for example. I agree. That's why we'll be keeping the VI's themselves, although the diagram may be very different in some cases. But we're scrapping serpdrv in favor of VISA where VISA exists. If you're counting, that's Win32, LabVIEW RT, Linux, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Solaris, and others.

I hope this eases some of your concerns. We're doing a lot of testing to ens
ure backward compatibility with the existing VI's. Just please don't confuse the serial VI's with the serpdrv driver.

Dan Mondrik
Senior Software Engineer, NI-VISA
National Instruments
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But we've got a less-than-1-megabyte VISA serial installation on the horizon to make at least the serial case easier.

Is there this component available for linux nowadays?

I searched in the Driver section of NI web site, but I didn't found anything...

In claris non fit interpretatio

Using LV from 7
Using LW/CVI from 6.0
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