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include an start up graphic in exe file

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I wanna create an exe file from my code. I would like when user start using of my executable file, an special graphic be appeared in screen before my GUI to be loaded. for example when we start Labview a picture as below will be loaded first, include the company name,product name and so on. I am searching a way for doing something like this. I appreciate any help.



start up graphic


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Accepted by topic author farashi

Create a SubVI where you place the picture you want to show at the frontpanel. When starting the application run the SubVI for a few seconds.

Limit the frontpanels size to the picture and under the VI Properties>Window Appearence modify the VI to don't show the menu, scrollbars, and so on.






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(910 Views) displays a splash screen using the specified image file.  The image remains for the specified amount of time.

Splashscreen_by_Boolean leaves the image up until a specified boolean goes true.

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