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in vit property node of ring, combo and list controls are not working in executeable.

Dear NI


I am using a vit with ring control (also check with combo and list box) the strings property of control is not working in executeable.

I am using that vit in my web page as running embedded vit.

when i run my application in development the web page is working fine but when i try it with executeable it did not work properly.


iam using labview 8.6.1

 i have already posted same problem before and still looking for help please NI...



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This is your third near duplicate post on this topic.

The problem that nobody answers is caused by the lack of information. Can you show us some simplified code?

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I am really sorry that i have posted question more than once with out full description.


please chechk the screen shot i have forgotten to take it before.


thanx for your response.I have used this vit in my web service(webage as embedded vi.) below are the screen shots of code where i use this vit and how to embed this vit in my web service.




VIT issue 2.jpg



VIT issue.jpg

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It is sitll not clear:


I what way doesn't it work (no strings? wrong strings? error?)

Are the strings fed to it correct?



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Thanks a lot altenbach for your response my problem is now fixed. the property node is not properly updated untill front panel is loaded so i have introduced some delay and now my application works fine.




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