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impact test


I want to perform high speed impact test on my products to study it's ballestic properties. The velocity would be 300-600 mps. Can someone guide me on correct version of data acquisition software and hardware. 

We do have Vishay Sensors LM-SS-125CH-048



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Do you want to do this yourself, or do you want to hire someone with LabVIEW experience to do it for you?  If you want to do it yourself, spend a few weeks and learn LabVIEW.  Take a Class (or several classes), find a good Mentor and "apprentice yourself" with him (or her), or spend time with as much tutorial material (starting with that listed on the first page of this Forum) that you can find.  And do all of the Exercises.  


Bob's Rule:  The only practical way to Learn Programming is to Write Programs.  If you are beginning, write simple programs that exercise your newly-gained knowledge.  Write little test routines.  Do a Web Search for LabVIEW "Style" and try to write "pretty" (and documented) programs.


Bob Schor

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