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imaq vision driver for frame grabber

for image aquisition in our lab i use the PCI 1408 frame grabber which
works fine but is quite expensive. in some applications i don´t use all
the features (triggering, multiple cameras, different video formats).
therefore i search a real cheap hardware solution for image aquisition
for use with imaq vision and labview.

is there a driver for the simple frame grabber cards you can buy
together with web-cams (based on a brooktree chip bt848 or bt878)? if
not, is there a driver for cameras you plug in on a usb connector?

if there is no driver: anybody got information/manuals i can download
about the data format imaq vison needs for aquired pictures so that i
can programm a driver on my own? (i couldn´t find anything o
n the

thanks for your help

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> Herbert,

I am using the cheap "falcon" frame grabber which is available from several
vendors. It comes with a powerful DLL which can be linked easily to LV and
imaq vision, no need to know which chip is underlying (the Bt848 by the
way). A simple C-code moves the video image to an imaq image, all within
the LV environment.

Best wishes,
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