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imaq vi in fpga


i want to asek if IMAQ vi is supported with FPGA ??

thanks for help 

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I dont believe IMAQ is supported on fpga.  You should take a look at this link though.  NI introduced a lot of fpga functionality into VDM 2014.

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hi again 

yes i know but what i want is ihow i can use match pattern or exract region from image in labview with vision development module

for excemple 

  • IMAQ Overlay Roi
  • IMAQ Match Pattern 4 VI
  • IMAQ Learn Pattern 4 Vi 
  • IMAQ Resample VI 
  • IMAQ Construct Roi Vi

i can't found this function or function like them 

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Those are pretty high level functions.  I doubt you will be able to replicate that behaviour on the FPGA.  Are you resource constrained on your device?  Why are you looking to move these functions to the FPGA?

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because i want to create test vision in labview . for excemple i extract region from image like cercle or number and with match pattern i want know how many find like this this region in the same image or in other image 

i create this apllication in RT but i want in fpga

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What is the motivation?  Is your throughput too slow?  Is the latency to great?  Typically you have one of those problems when you decide to move an image processing (or any) task to the FPGA.  If this situation applies to you, then you must figure out what simple tasks you can offload to the fpga, and then perform higher level functions on the RT side of things.  


Another option is to reconsider how you are solving your problem.  Its easy when you have a world of functions available to you to find a solution.  Can you find a solution that satisfies your requirments using the more limted set of functions?  I am not saying its possible, but I've seen it done before.


Even rather simple image processing can require a lot of memory.  Memory is ususally a big constraint on an FPGA.  Processing steps that require complicated logic or require you to maintain the whole image in memory are bad candidates for an FPGA implementation.  

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becaus i must use fpga in my end of study project im working with cRIO 9068

in my project i   want to count pixel and mesure color and match pattern but when i want put this in fpga i can't because eache fuction need to extract region from image and in fpga i don't have fucntion to extract rigion or Roi

so what i can use in fpga ?? i will only acquisition image with fpga ?

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It sounds like maybe there is a portion of this that can be run on the fpga.  I don't think there is anyway to acquire an image on the 9068 FPGA.  But you can acquire with RT, then you could "count pixel and measure color" on the fpga, then match pattern on the RT side of things.  That is assuming that counting pixels and measuring color (not sure exactly what process you are describing) can be done on the FPGA.


I can also imaging a scenario where you manipulate the pixel bus to extract an ROI of sorts.  It certainly would not be equivilet to the "ROI" meaning in IMAQ, but rather just a smaller region of the image to process on.  

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yeah that what i think i will do i want  to acquire an image on the 9068 FPGA and mesure color and count pixel in fpga vi

and for match pattern i will do in RT 

but why   you  don't think there is anyway to acquire an image on the 9068 FPGA??

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Two typicle means of acquiring images on a cRIO are through USB and GigE (ethernet).  Right now, there is no way that I know of to access the USB or the ethernet port from the FPGA.  Because there is no direct communication between the two, the acquistion needs to occur on the RT, then the data passed to the FPGA.


The NI supported FPGA vision acquisition bus that I am aware of is Camera Link.  Currently, only PXI modules support camera link acquisition.  


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