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illegal characters when opening TDMS files in excel

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Hi guys,

In order to open TDMS files I got from Labview, I installed plugin for the excel. But, there are still a lot of illegal characters there. Do you know why? The attached file is what I want to look into. Thanks.

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What are you talking about there aren't any illegal characters in that file.  It has two groups named Untitled and Untitled 1 with Time and Temperature 0 and 1 in each group.  I saw this in the built in TDMS Viewer and the Excel Viewer.


One thing to note is that you should NOT go to File >> Open in Excel.  We aren't opening the TDMS file we are importing it.  If you double click the TDMS file it should import it automatically with the importer tool.  Or if you go to the Add-ins tab you can click the TDM Importer and pick the TDMS file to import and it should import it into a new Book just fine.


Oh and do you want to convert TDMS files into XLSX file automatically?  Then look into the code I wrote here.

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Thank you, Hooovahh.


Yes, the trick is I always open the excel and import the tdms. When I double click the tdms, it works well. Thank you.

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