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i2c on myRIO-1900

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I have myRIO-1900 and Devantech SRF08 UltraSonic Ranger (
I try to read distance via I2c (expressvi), here is code:
All "write" codes return error (-363011).
How to get data from sensor?
Is address 0 correct?
I tryed connect all adresses 0..127, but no error only for address 0.

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Hi Artem,


Error -363011 corresponds to the following message: " A No Acknowledge (NAK) bit was received from the slave device after the last address transmission." 


Have you seen the following thread? It seems to walk through the troubleshooting process for this error:


Error -363011 occurred at myRIO v1.0 Wrie


and provides the following solution:


"One of the unused connections in my circuit is called Vi/o(I think. I'm doing this by memory). This is there because the breakout board(by SparkFun) this chip is on separates the supply voltage into Vdd and Vi/o. Once I connected 5VDC to Vi/o as well as Vdd I was able to communicate with the device, including writing and reading to/from registers."


Take a look at this thread, try the recommended steps, and let us know if the behavior changes!


Nick B.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Accepted by topic author Artem.SPb

Thank you, Nick.
But I found a solution.
Here is a snippet.sonar.png

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Awesome, glad to hear it's working!



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I had similar problem at using I2C LCD module(ACM1602), but solved.


by connecting 'True'  into  'Keep bus BUSY'   at low-level function  ''

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