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i want to run a step motor and take pressure measurements at steps of 2mm

For a wake survey experiment about an airfoil, I would like to write a Labview VI that would move the step motor at increments of 2mm, take pressure readings (I have the pressure transducer), move another 2mm, take readings etc...for n increments. I have only a small background in labview. Can someone help me please?

Many thanks!

Sanjoy Som
AE Dept. FL Tech
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If you currently don't have any Motion hardware then you would need a PCI/PXI 7334 FlexMotion controller and a mid-760x drive/amplifier (or another drive/amplifier). Once you have the proper hardware, then you can set breakpoints in Motion to send out a trigger pulse on a digital line when you reach certain predetermined positions in your move. You can route this trigger signal over our RTSI (real time signal integration) bus to your DAQ board to take measurements at these exact instances. You can find out more information on breakpoints including example programs in LabVIEW by searching for Motion and Breakpoints in our developer zone.

I hope this helps!

Andy Bell
Application Engineer

National Instruments
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