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i want to convert 2011 and 2013 file to 2017 labview



i am an student i created this file in 2011 and 2013 but due rto some causes i just formatted the pc and now when i download the new version i am having error code 9  and i have to submit it by tomorrow 12 noon. can you help me please,thank you

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You did not put all the functions.
And where exactly does the error appear?
code 9 means there is no disk space. Check the path where you write the data

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Hi there, 


You might want to post your code here:



Try to be clear in the wording of your post that you wish to backsave LabVIEW 2017 code to the older versions you mentioned.  


Double check your zip files to make sure all the sub VIs are there.  Your sept vi. is missing something.  

Patrick Allen:
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You don't need the Version Conversion board because LabVIEW 2017 can open up 2011 and 2013 files just fine.

Why are you asking to have them converted?  Why were they in LV 11 or 13 to begin with?


As others have said, error 9 is a disk full message which indicates a problem with your PC that is unrelated to LabVIEW.

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