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i tried it, but still failed

dear ni engineer:
reference#8287-GX2247, the device is not responding to the selected base address.
after received your e-mail, i tried it again in my computer ,but the problem can not resolved, so i pulled it down and setup it in another computer, but the problem even serious ,after i setup LABview 6i and DAQ, and plug my DAQ care into it, the computer can not start because of keyboard failure. i am so curious about it, please help me online, thank you very much.
yours sincerely liyongin.
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Thank you for contacting National Instruments. For these type of devices we need to make sure that we first assign DMA channels and IRQ's so that once we plug in the board, it already has resources available for it. As you can see, the installation might be kind of tricky because it is not a PCI board, but once the OS assigns resources, then the procedure is pretty straight forward.

By the other hand, remember that if you are using Win 2000 or Win NT, you need to install the drivers being the administrator.

Good luck with your application, and please let us know via web or phone (512-795 8248) how everything worked out for you.
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