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i resetup the software and hardware,but still fails

dear NI engineer:
my PC-LPM-16 card have some problems. in MAX test resource, the computer tells me "the device is not responding to the selected base address". after i e-mail to you, i resetup the woftware and hardware again in my computer and another computer too, but it still fails, what can i do now? please give me advice and i doubt if this piece of card have somep quality problems.
thank you very much.
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Here is some info I found that may help solve the problem. Let me know if it does not.

Base address conflicts with pc lpm 16 legacy boards

Installing a pc lpm 16 legacy board may lead to base address conflicts regardless of rocker switch settings and the system's base address availabilities. The rocker switch has an "OFF" label and an arrow beneath it. The arrow seems to imply that "OFF" is in a certain direction. "OFF" may be in the exact opposite direction.

Solution :
Follow the software instructions as far as the correct rocker switch settings but on the board, assume "OFF" is in the direction of the label and NOT the arrow. Try inverting all rocker switches (a5-a9) to the exact opposite and keep the software settings the same.
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