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i cant able to download the IMAQ evaluation software properly from the NI site.Can anyone of you guys help me ?

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Hello Guys,

                  I tried to download the evaluation software of IMAQ and Vision Devolopement Software from the NI site.But i was not succeeded. I mean, when i download the EXE file and try to install it, it was saying that the download had failed, please retry again. Please explain me the necessary steps and requirements for the download and installation of the IMAQ and Vision Devolopement software in my pc.

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Did you try just once? It's common to have corrupted downloads. Were you using the browser's downloading mechanism, or did this use NI's download manager? Did you try downloading the software from another computer, or from another location which uses a different internet connection? Perhaps your firewall was causing interference.

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Yes i tried for many times in my computer.I tried to download it from NI download manager.I didnot try it in any other computer.As you said, if it was the problem with the firewalls in my pc, how to overcome it?

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Well, one option is to temporarily turn off your firewall. Of course, that should be a last-ditch step. You could simply ask NI to send you a DVD if you are unable to download it. Perhaps the problem lies with your internet connection. Which file are you specifically trying to download? Which link on which page?

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Accepted by topic author satishkumar v

Thanks for giving the replies to my questions.I try to download the evaluation softwares of labview 2011 and vision devolopement module 2011. But now i have overcome the situation.I contacted my IT/Admin department to checkout whether they have blocked the downloads or not. They said they had blocked the downloads. I request them to unblock it and they have unblocked my pc.Now i can able to download the files.Thanks a lot.

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