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how to view modified serial data after each stage in labview gui, ie after match pattern, after substring etc

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Hi , i have a labview GUI which receives serial data via VISA, and basically chops the strings and carries out matches until i have the values I seek. I then convert from Ascii string to decimal and feed the new values to a waveform. However I have discovered that some of the output values are incorrect. I checked this out by pulling the data in through Realterm.


Is there any way that I can see the modified data after each stage of the gui so that I can find where the problem lies? I have created indicators after each stage but they are not displaying the data, i assume its because the data is going in too quick. 


I am very new to labview and have struggled through every bit of this GUI, as any of you regular posters will know. If you can suggest a solution please know that I will probably ask the most basic questions in order to implement your solution.


I have attached my GUI along with a screenshot of the same data coming through Realterm. Basically anywhere that you see TR xxxx TR or W xxxxW, know that it is the data between them ie xxxx which is the data of interest. Everything else is discarded.


I suspect the problem lies in the conversion from string to decimal and where 3 digit values increase to 4 digit values. ie any values under 850 are correct but that is the max value reached. My values should be reaching 2500. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You've got other debugging tools available to you.  You can use highlight execution to slow down the code and show you the data flowing down each wire.


You can create a subVI that takes the data off of each wire and writes it out to a log file so you can review it later.


You did not attach any screenshots to your message.

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Okay, now the attachments are there.


I see one problem with your initial part where you take the last 14 characters of the response.  14 looks like a good number when you have the 3 digit code TR1,  a space,  4 digit number, space, 3 digit code,  CR, LF.  But when your code is a W, you have some extra spaces after the first one, and not extra on the ending W.  Your W line is only 10 characters long.

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Thanks Ravensfan,


Simple solution!

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Yep, just spotted it now during slowed execution. The W value is being chopped incorrectly instead of 2157 i get 157.


Thanks again for your help R.

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You may want to look at the Scan from String function to extract the data and turn it into a number in 1 step.

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