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how to use sbRIO-9607 on-board USB port in RealTime VI




I am new to RIO programming and  would like to use the on-board USB port on a sbRIO-9607 to acquire data in a Real Time VI. Do I have to use VISA in Realtime? or do I have to use FPGA programming




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It might help to clarify what you are trying to connect through the usb port. Have you seen this article?


Yes, usually you talk to it through VISA.

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I would like add more on the topic.  I have a IMU sesnor that gives output as a JSON string. I have done the application on PC and it was easy to use a COM port for VISA resource. Now, I have the sensor connected to USB of sbRIO. 


Devices and Interfaces under sbRIO displays Com ports which I don't understand as to how I should use it. Although there are limited number of com ports on sbRIO, I see 8. And how can I see the ports in VISA resource drop down box. FOor the moment I would like to just check if I am able to read data from the sensor.

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Hi nano,


I did some shell tests on the sbRIO according to NI documents and found out that RT OS is able to detect it and it is a CDC-ACM class. 

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