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how to use group execute trigger for multiple instruments on the same bus

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Have you found a way of triggering two devices at the same time yet ?? How do you trigger in both multimeters at the same time by using a visa ? I have done it with the trigger list block but I got an error

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Could you give more details about how to connect the multimeters to activate the trigger at the same time, do you need to press any option of the device ?

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Dear Lorquino, your question is very unspecific. We don't know exactly what instruments you are using. You have to read through the programming manual for the respective instrument, to be able to put it into bus trigger mode.

Then, you may try using trigger list according to Labview Help. I haven't got to fully test that, since I had one one old instrument in the chain did not support this functionality, so i finally had to abandon this concept.


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He's already started a thread along the same lines here -


 and should really keep his question confined to that thread.

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