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how to transmit a video using producer and consumer design pattern template

i am doing a project about video transmission in labview .. can u please suggest a way of grabing a video using producer consumer template in labview which uses the concept of queuing..

i have a sort of block diagram but i am failing to implement it.. and i just did a vi (incomplete) on that ..

can anyone complete the vi or guide me about it..

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Figure 5 is fine.  You don't understand how to configure the Camera for Continuous Video Capture.  Once you've configured it correctly, the only two functions you need in your While loop are Grab (with the default "Next" as the Buffer Number Mode) and the Enqueue.  If your Camera is set to 30 fps, then the While loop will run at 30 Hz (I'm assuming the Enqueue takes essentially zero time), the speed at which Grab "returns data" to you.


Look at examples showing how to view video inputs from cameras.  [Oops -- I just looked in LV 2016, and the Examples seem to be particularly unhelpful.  Maybe a Web search?  Have I posted anything useful?].


Bob Schor

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