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how to transfer number to Excel column letter

I want to write a table into Excel file with fomula "=AVERAGE(G18:G64)", how to transfer table column nunber into excel column letter?


for example, from table column 7, how to know 7 means G in excel?



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Please use report generation toolkit.


Here is the snippet from RGT.


Excel Set location.png

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I created one before, but yours is great!


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..this is why we can't have nice things...


Here is a VI that converts an Excel Column String notation "A", "BA" to the excel zero based column numeric. This is very handy when you want to allow a layman to create an excel cell insert map using the Letter column normenclature displayed in Excel: "AC".


I don't know why this does not exist in any of the MS Office routines, it can give you headaches to have to convert letters to numbers, then adjust for zero based.


Excel Column FP.png


Excel Column Diagram.png

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