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how to synchronize two chassis

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Dear All,


I want to synchronize two chasis , The first chasis has RFSG(S) 5673E and other chasis has RFSA(S) 5663E they are connected via MXI, Is there anyone who has this experience and can support me to implemet it. I know that there is NI Tclk use to synchronize in a  single chassis and there is another tool kit for mult chasis, but I have no idea on how to use it !!  Thanks in advance 


Best Regards


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Any support guys????

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"The hardware modules interconnect using SMA-SMA coaxial cables, as illustrated in the following figure. Refer to Chapter 5, NI 5673 RF Vector Signal Generator of the NI RF Signal Generators Getting Started Guide, included in your hardware kit, for more information about interconnecting hardware modules."  Have you done this?


You might have more luck asking your question in the USRP Software Radio Forum (sounds more like a Hardware issue, to me ...).


Bob Schor

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Hi Al-rawachy,


This should help:


Best regards,



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Thank you guys so much for your feedback, actually this link is focus on connected the RFSA & RFSG in one Chasis. In my situation I have 5 Generators in One Chasis and 5 Receivers in other(Seperate)chasis. So I want to know to synchronize them together? Thanks again 





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Accepted by topic author Al-rawachy

So I've been doing a bit of research and for you to be able to synchronise the two chassis together you will need a timing and synchronisation card in each chassis so you can share Tclk between them. This is for a few reasons: firstly, along with the CLK IN and CLK OUT terminals, multiple PFI lines are needed for exporting the various signals used by T-CLK (i.e. Start, Stop and Sync triggers). Beyond this, the timing and sync card is also needed to overwrite the 10 MHz backplane clock, on the slave chassis, with the clock from the master. It's critical for synchronization that the two chasses reference the same clock. Additionally, using a more stable clock source, as provided by the timing and sync card, will improve synchronization significantly.


From here, one the chassis' are sync'd up, TCLKing the 5665 and 5673E should be fairly straightforward. It should simply be a matter of configuring both the RFSA and RFSG tasks, with a single trigger configured, before feeding the two tasks into the TCLK vi's. Here's an example for you to study which explains this:


Hope this helps.

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Dear Jrida,


Thnak you so much for your explaination, I am so grateful for you, It's treally helpful answer, Thanks again




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