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how to simulate mouse click

is it possible to simulate and control a mouse click in windows with labview 7.1. I am able to control the mouse coordinates but not right and left mouse click. Is there a available VI that can do that?
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I'm not exactly sure what you're attempting to imply by "control a mouse click", however in the "event structure" area there is the option to have responses fired when mouse clicks occur; controlling both right and left mouse clicks. This isn't always the most pleasureable way of doing things, because it refers to any click. You might be able to set it up to ensure only clicks in certain areas, however this will take some research on your part. Just look through how to control event structures, the mouse option is under the "this vi" (or so i believe the name goes) section.

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I have answered this in the other thread where you asked this. Please don't post the same questions to multiple threads.
After looking at the VI there, it uses the PostMessage function to post a mouse down message to a specific window. You can try using MouseEvent or SendInput to simulate a general mouse click (One of them is no longer supported, I can't remember which. You can find the details in the MSDN).

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I am new in Labview, so is there an available Vi that gererate random mouse clicks. I think that mouse clicks can be done with a boolean control? is that right. So what would help me is a VI where i can control the entry (perhaps with a boolean) and then with this control execute a mouse click (if possible right and left click) on the windows front panel .
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This has been answered Here.

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