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how to set the start and end point when i use integral in labview



Using DAQ, I can integrate multiplication of two signals(ex) voltage signal * current signal)


But I want to set start and end point to integral so that I could target specific time interval.


Of course, I can know integral value between two points by seeing graph which show integrated signal


But I want to make a table of integral value between two points as two signals change.


My reference picture is one of my example.


Please let me know how to deal with it. Thank you!


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Try using Array Subset to get an array containing only the samples you want.

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But My signal has x - axis of time and y - axis of amplitude of signal.


When I extract initial array from graph, I can just get amplitude value, not time.


Given this situation, using array subset, then how can i extract specific value of specific time?


Can I get amplitude value with time value together, not just amplitude value?

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For example, I want to get integral value of amplitude of signal between 0.02ms and 0.04ms.

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You should know or be able to extract the delta between each sample, then it's easy enough. 🙂 If you e.g. sample at 1kHz getting 0.02 to 0.04secs is 0.02*1000 through 0.04*1000 ==> sample 20 through 40.


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