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how to save data as *.wav file



I have NI DAQ 6229BNC. I want to record sound data  (using a microphone and amplifier). Please see the attached application I made. I acquire the sound data as voltage using DAQ, then convert it to a waveform. Then I try to save this waveform as *.wav file. The application creates empty '*.wav' file with no data in it. Please help me with this.


thanks you


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Works just fine for me. The only thing I did was to change the browse options of your path control so I could select a new file before running it the first time.

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I dont know, but it is still giving me the problem. It creates the file but of '0' bytes, an empty *.wav file.

And how did u change the browse option of the file?

I doubt but do u think it can be the problem?


I am a newbie to the LabView. jst started learning.....and this small prob is making me go crazy.... pls sm one give me the solution...or at-least tell me where I am making mistake.....


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Right click on the browse button. Select Browse Options.

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Hi Vinayak,


I've also tested out your file and it seams to work fine and creates a 2KB .wav file. Have you double checked to see if you have DirectX 8.0 or later? You can check this by going to your start menu in Windows and clicking Run...  then in the Run dialog box type dxdiag. This should pull up info on your system, one of the stats should be DirectX version.


To run Sound File Write you need DirectX 8.0 or later. 


How are you checking the size of your file?


Also, one thing I noticed while looking at your code: You convert an array to a dynamic data type and then back to an array, you can simply just wire the array strait to the Y of the Build Waveform. 


<Brian Aswege | Applications Engineering | National Instruments> 


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Thanks Baswege,


I am using windows 7 and my DirectX version is 11. But still code does not work.



Anyway I changed my code and not it seems to be working. Instead of using Sound File Write  now I use Sound File



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Can you hear a sound when you replay the saved wav. file?

I hear nothing, but inly some noise.



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thank you it help me

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