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how to record video from a USB camera from Labview code



I have a thorlabs DCC1545M USB Camera. Can we generate a trigger from the labview code which starts video recording from this camera and stores the video in a specified location. We do have a thorlabs provided labview code which can generate a live streaming of the video but it cannot record it.




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In such a case, you need to refer to thorlabs technical team or camera user manual.

You must know what are the commands that trigger video recording.

This could be string command or in hex form.

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Hi Roshni,

I could not understand what do you mean by recording using a USB Camera.If you mean taking photos/Snap using a LabVIEW application,then of course it is very much possible in labview using avicap32.dll.



Thanks and regards,



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Hey Roshini,


Check out the example Grab and Save to AVI. You can find it in the Example Finder under Hardware Input and Output >> IMAQ >> File Input and Output >> Grab and Save to AVI. That should give you an idea on how the VI should be structured. Hope that helps!

John B.
Embedded Networks R&D
National Instruments
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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its does not work...

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