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how to program the temp exceed the setpoint (sp), it will be reduced below sp

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I want to simulate a temperature between 15- 30. When temp exceed 26 it will be reduced slowly until it reach below 26.. I could only display it in a different thermometer. How can I program it so that the we can see the temp is reduce on a single thermometer. Help me please???
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Please post what you have accomplished so far.
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There's a lot of ways that might work, depending on your code (including the dreaded local variable solution 🙂 ).
-Matt Bradley

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This is the labview coding. Hope you can help me in this problem.
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I don't have time to modify any code now.  Plus I don't have your subVI's.


What your code is missing is a case structure.  The inner while loop with F wired to the Run terminal is useless.  It just runs once and basically just provides a shift register for you which you could acually move out to the outer loop.


Store your temperature in the shift register (much like you are doing now the Temp3).  IF temp is greater than 26, then in the case structure do your subtraction from the shift register to start lowering the temperature.  Your loop rate and how much you subtract will all depend on how fast you want to lower it.  In your False case of the, then do whatever it is you want.  Right now it just looks like you are randomly generating other numbers in your outer For loop but I'm not sure why.  Perhaps that should be moved into the False case.  Or whatever you want the temperature to do when it is not above 26.

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I want to continue decrease the temperature ( 1 degree celcius  per loop) until it reaches 26 again. I use the for loop to do the task. But the output of the for loop is an array. How do I want it to connect with the indicator???
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