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how to plot 3d graph with points with fill point to base plane..?



I would like to plot 3d graph with points from 0 plane to -10 ot 10 range. Putting the plane in the middle and plot the points with conical points projected to 0 plane.


I am measearing the flatness of sheet metal. I am using total station to measure it. I got the coordinates  in 3 axis and I would like to plot the deviation and show in green if it is inside of tolerance or outside of it (ploting the points in green if it is ok and red is it is outside of tolerance).


I would like to get anything similar to this picture attached.

I tried to do with scatter 3d, but with projection to plane i only see the point at plane not the 'fill to base line' or similar. and the plane is not in the centre, for example between 10 and -10 in z axis put the base plane in the middle in 0 value.


Any way to make it?.

Best Regards and thanks.





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Would something like this work for you?



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Actually if you define your color ramp with black at 0 you may get a 3D image that is easier to interprete.



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