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how to monitor several voltages with voltage bars?

hi, i´m quite new to LabView and currently trying to finish a projekt to communicate with a deformable mirror via Labview. The mirror has 40 channels which apply a voltage to piezos. I want to monitor the voltages in a bar-diagramm in LabView like the one in the picture attached. Can someone tell me where i can find such a diagramm in LabView or if i need special package for this? I was unable to find it. Thanks for any help! 


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You can configure a waveform graph to display bars. See examples in the "common plot" setup in the plot legend.

But as the mirror is most likely 3D, you should also choose a 3D graph. There is a preconfigured "3D Bar" graph available.




PS: You are running LV on Windows?

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Hi Norbert,

thanks for your quick reply, yes i´m using Windows XP to run LV. 

So far i managed to solve the diagramm layout problem, but my next problem is that i want to plot the 1-D array which contains my voltages over the array index, so that the first array element, which is the voltage applied to the first channel is plotted over the number one in the bar diagramm. Is there a way to feed the voltage into the y-axis and the array-index into the x-axis?

Thanks for your help!


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ok so far i solved it by just feeding a constant array containing the numbers from 1 to 40 into the x-axis. should be fine. 

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