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how to make string indicator automatically scroll?


@GopuD wrote:

you can try this one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Your code makes absolutely no sense in the framework of this discussion.

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As James say, use a big enough number, i usually put +inf. 🙂
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@mnoone wrote:

A-ha! That seems to work! Now one question though - it wants me to put in the line number that I want it to scroll to. How do I figure out how many lines my string is? (so that I know which line to have it scroll to)



I think the help says to set it to -1.  It's a tricky play on NI's part.  The data type is unsigned integer but since -1 will coerce to the highest number...


[edit] hmmm, I could've sworn I saw it in the help, but it isn't there.  However, I know it works as I've done it before.  And I know it's NOT my idea. [/edit]

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