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how to make indicator turn on and off?

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Sorry if this has already been posted, but I don't know exactly how to express the questions and wasn't able to find anything similar.


I want a LED to turn on on the front panel when a given button is pressed, but I also want it to turn off when the routine it indicates ends. How do I do that? I'll post a print screen of part of my block diagram. The indicator I'm talking about is 'Setting...'. Thanks



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The easiest way is to use a local variable but the best way is to create a state machine. To create a local you right click the indicator. You right click on the local to change it from read to write.

You don't need the sequence structure that has only a wire going through it. The wire will determine the flow in the same way without the structure.
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I'm gonna use the local variable for now, and read something about state machines later.

And indeed the sequence structure is useless. Thanks!

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