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how to interface a wireless zigbee module and a microcontroller to labview


'm currently working on a project that requires me to establish a wireless network using zigbee device/module and also to interface this device/module and a micro-controller board using labview. the objective of the project is to design a closed loop control system. application of labview is for a UI and data logging. the zigbee module is to be used only as a TX/RX. The complete program/logic will be handled by the micro-controller. now the question is how do i go about this? I am new to labview, so please suggest a method to approach this problem.

all suggestions greatly appreciated.


dheerendra nath.

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Hi Dheerandra,


What exactly will the LabVIEW applcation do? User interface only? Data Aquisition?

Who's getting data? The microcontroller, the PC or Zigbee module?


The Zigbee module will be at the same board as the uc?

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hi rodmar,

i ll just give u an over view of the project.

this project is being carried out to control the speed of a 600 hp motor being used in a wind tunnel. the motor is controlled by a field resistance of some value which is electrolyte cooled, as in the rheostat/resistance is immersed into the electrolyte. in a continuous run situation for every 3 min the temperature of the electrolyte increases by 8deg-Celcius. this cause the resistence to vary, varying the motor speed. so my project is to control the immersion of this rheostat by a stepper motor. now this stepper motor is to be fired/controlled wirelessly, this where the zigbee module comes to play. the microcontroller has the logic to control the stepper motor and zigbee module to transmit this logic. Labview is being used to interface this microcontroller to the pc n to log temperature chart over the run duration, and also to log the wind speed which will be fed from a different sensor inside the tunnel. So to sum it up: Labview has to log the temperature and wind speed in real time and provide a UI to display the same.

and the zigbee module will be connected to the micro-controller board.


dheerendra nath

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No software advice, but I do have a few hardware concerns regarding the approach:


1. Have you tested the zigbee communications link yet with the motor running? A 600hp motor may produce electromatic interference that swamps out the zigbee signal (typically they are low power in the mWatt range).


2. Have you looked at safety issues- what if the motor control fails and the rheostat is not lowered into the coolant? Any potential for fire or loss of speed control of the motor?



"It’s the questions that drive us.”
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@ AK2DM,


1. the rheostat is placed in a control room that is around 50-70meters away from the motor, so no problems of interference. and also the motor is surrounded by a 3 feet thick concerte tunnel so i'm guessing it wouldn't be a problem.


2.  the rheostat currently has a manual pulley mechanism, so incase of faliure it can be manualy controlled.



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I believe that since you are already using the Zigbee TX/RX interface with the uC, it is not a good idea to make the LabVIEW 'talk" to Zigbee module through VISA. You will need another serial port between you uC and the PC, I guess (or USB interface, which converts to a COM in LabVIEW).


I can think of 2 options:

1) LabVIEW "requests" data to uC

2) uC sends data and LabVIEW just waits for it.


If you send data from sensors separately, you'll need some kind of differentiation - like an Hex word in the beginning telling which sensor is being sent - or you can send the message with both samples, in a pre-defined default structure. However, if you have another type of communication between uC e PC going on, a custom protocol might be a good idea.

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Sir,I am design pick and place Robot using ZigBee controlling via LabVIEW software but sir in only one problem occurs how to design the block diagram interface the zigbee. Sir, provide me help for how to design the block digram of this project. I have design this block digram shown in image.

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Hi ithakre, Your question is not clear. you want to control a robot using LabVIEW using zigbee protocol. Many things to be consider 1.You need to use some hardware to control a Robot using NI robotic module, if that robot has ni drivers support 2.If you are using any third party hardware check for Drivers in the NI third party Drivers link 3.You need to learn some LabVIEW basics visit training sessions of NI
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