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how to install the ryan golden library for kinect properly.




I am using kinect device and want to do occupancy grid map, I am trying to follow the (without model), without using the IMU.

Only with kinect.

could you please guide me that how to run this  problem with out IMU and Accourding to atachemnt Libus0 I am able to see the kinect device usb port properly but in LABVIEW I am geeting problem as per attachment 1.


please guide me.


thank you very much in advance.

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Whether or not the device is detected by windows is irrelevant to your installation of the LabVIEW drivers. Much more importan would be to show windows explorer and the location of the files. It appears that all of the code is from the NI Community. Have you posted there? I'm not even sure where the drivers came from since I all can see is a rar file and I don't have a program to support that.

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Thank you very much for your reply.


I have download .mnu file from this NI page.


Please anyone guide me how can I run the example vi from this, because when I run from .rar file then its give me error according to attachment.


Thank you very much once again for your help.

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Hi AnkitRamani,


are you sure you did install the right function palette? It seems that you did mix the different options from the links mentioned. The icons of the VIs in your first screenshot are missing. Did you verfiy the VIs are located in the labview root?


Kind Regards,



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Thank you very much for reply.


I am not sure about that, i have copy .mnu file in for example in my computer in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\instr.lib, and other vi in vi.lib folder.Is this right??

Or Could any one Please guide me that what should I have to do in order to run example from this

I am trying to follow this link and I am not sure form where to start, should I need to uninstall driver kinect sdk 1.7 and openNi.??

Or how should I run this example because when I run this example the I got waning message as per attachment 1 error1.png, then when I pressed show detail then I got page like attachment 2 and when I run vi then I am not able to see any images form kinect, and in the sub vi I am getting error as per attachment 3.


Could you Please guide me how to solve this problem as per I am not using IMU so I have simple remove that block and give control instead of it.

Please guide me I am stuck form last several week ,this is a very important part of my final year project.


I would be very thankful to you.

Thank you very much for help again.


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You did not install the VIs in the correct place. The mnu file should not be installed in the instr.lib either. Where did you get instructions to do that? In any case, those warnings seem to be irrelevant. You can also eliminate the mnu file and install the VIs to any palette you wish. Follow the instructions in the help for customizing the palette. You also need to post to the community board instead of here.
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Thank you very much for your reply.

from this site , I tried to install the driver for device.

But its not working, i will also ask to that community hope I will get some help from there.


Thank you very much for your help again.

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You aren't installing a third party instrument driver. In any case, you can create your own palette as I already said. You can also simply browse for any VI you want. They don't have to be on a palette.
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Thank you very much for reply.


I got your point.

but when i run the vi then I am getting 1097 error Call Library Function Node in libfreenect.lvlib:get image>>


could you please guide me how to solve this error.what should be the possible reason for that??here in attachment I have attached the screen shot with error.

I have put same question in the kinect community also but didnt get any reply.


thank you very much for your time.

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Sorry, I don't have a kinect to test it with.

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