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how to initialize x control to default value

Hi all


I have developed the X control in which I have one knob and 1 numeric control.

It is working fine. But when my VI stops , for next run i want my x control to get initialize to default value.

Right now it shows the last values.

How should I initialize X control to default values?

Do i need to do something with the init ctl of X control??

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I think its not possible to directly initialize the X control to its default value using its property. But you can initialize its value during each run in the X Control itself. You can set the value of each control in the "Exec State Change" event. I have attached an example XControl which has a knob and a numeric control. Have a look at it,

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The XCtrl Init ability is only run when a VI is loaded into memory (aka, when you open the VI). Resetting the XCtrl to a default value depends on what you actually want to reset :

- Specific controls from within the XCtrl : follow Citra's post

- The "real" data of the XCrtl : from a local variable or property node from the calling VI. You still can use the aforementioned method for this one (make sure you set the Data Changed flag to True).



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you might create a property or method for your XCtrl. Then you would call that at the start of your VI...

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