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how to increase PDA vi performance

Hi all,
i've made an vi in the PDA module. Its a sort of oscilloscope which reads from a bluetooth multimeter. The multimeter has as lowest sample rate sampling rate 100 Hz and sends 3kb per second at this sampling rate. In this vi 300 bytes per iteration are read and in the DLL 24 to 32 datapoint are extracted from this data. (to increase the performance i wrote all functions CRC check and so on in the DLL). An iteration takes 40 milliseconds. When i plot data on a chart, this time increases to 100 milliseconds (so two times 24 - 32 point are written on the sweep chart).  Although 10 iterations/second should be possible with 100 ms per iteration, i only get 2 or 3. My question is: how can i increase this rate? Can the VI be optimized further?
Thanks in advance,
Student using labview 7.1 and labview PDA 7.1
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Have you tried using a Graph instead of a Chart and do the buffering your self? and also try to avoid Local Variables but plot the data using the terminals instead.
Hope this helps,
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Can u upload the dll to see the program exactly? Thank you Smiley Very Happy
Peter Jr.
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