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how to get subpanel reference from vi reference(vi inserted it in to the subpanel)


I need to get the subpanel reference by using vi refence wire of the vi inserted into that subpanel. Is that possible?

Im using LV 2016


Thank you


LabVIEW from 2006

CLA from 2014

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As far as I know, you cannot directly get the subpanel refnum from the inserted VI refnum since this VI does not "know" it is being inserted into a subpanel.


You will have to pass it as an input/control of the inserted VI, or use a communication mechanism (like a queue).


However, I am curious why you would need to manipulate the subpanel from the inserted VI.

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TPTB ruled that this is a terrible idea: VI property subpanel ref - NI Community. Didn't get much support either...


See that thread for some 'solutions'.

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