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how to get and display max number

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i want to get and display max number if i move slider up/down and should be reset if i press button.



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Max number of what?  Two values? An array?

On array palette, there is an Array Max & Min VI.

On the comparison palette, there is a Min/Max function for comparing two numbers.


Can you be more specific?  Show some code.

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Show us the code that you have so far for this.  Show us the slider along with its range.  Show us your approximate front panel layout. 


This is a learning/teaching experience and not just a free code sight.  Are those your only requirements?  How quickly should it read the slider value?  How will this code exit as the requirements so far, only offer a reset option and not a Stop?

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LOL this is the way he operates.  Extracting info is like extracting a tooth.  I have my own idiosyncrasies when asking a question:  Like I always have incredible amounts of info - except what the forum needs to t-shoot the problem.  Go figure.


Soon enough, we will have something to work with.  🙂

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  • I have done this just want more that indicator should be reset when i press momentary button.
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When you press the button, the loop stops.  So after the loop, you can write a value to the indicator or you can create an invoke node for the indicator (Reinit to Default).

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Hi Asif,


display max number if i move slider up/down and should be reset if i press button.

All you need are:

- a shift register

- the MinMax function

- a select function, connected to your "reset" button

- a numeric constant to set the default max value




Just saw your latest message: You're half way done!


You might have a look at the Pt-By-Pt-MinMax function!

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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Then add the button and use a Select? function to set the max to 0 when the button is TRUE and keep the max value when FALSE.  You could also use a Case Structure so that the Max & Min is not ran at all when the button is TRUE and you just wire the current value through for the max value.

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If by "reset the indicator" you mean to reset the state of the button (on or off), change the mechanical action of the button to be a latch rather than a switch.  This is done on the front panel by right clicking the button.

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cant do that. i want that code should start getting max value again from now after i press press any button.



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