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how to find the area under the graph .... cant solve !!!

Hello everyone. I am a year 3 student of EE and i am doing a final year project about state of charge of lithium ion battery.

Now i want to know the capacity of battery discharged so i develop a program and a current adjust button to adjust the dischrage current.


But here is a problem. I dont know how to find the area of the graph under the dischage current against time.


Can anyone help me plz ??




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You would just integrate your data, there's a VI for that. 🙂


What is the datatype of your curve (array, waveform, dynamic, etc.)?


Can you attach a simplified version of your actual VI and some data?

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actually i use GPIB card to link the load and the computer together, so i cant give a simplified verison for u.

But the full version is still easy to read .



I use a bundle to combine the the two readings together.

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as the plots looks like a bar plot you may simply use the formula "sum(I*dt)" (which is a simplified form of integration).

But as a "year 3 student of EE" you should have heard that before Smiley Wink

Best regards,

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yes i know i * dt but as the discharge current changes, i dont want the time to accumulate with the previous discharge current time. That 's why it annoy me a lot and i dont know how to use those integration vi  as those need a waveform input but in my program the waveform is just a bundle of current and voltage. Can i still use the vi  to do that ?? 

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Hi there,


        You can split the data into several parts, and bundle the data to waveform datatype and use integral vis in LV to fulfill the job.




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