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how to export high quality images from graphs


I am absolutely no expert in this subject, so it may be that I say some aberrations Smiley Wink

So this is what I want to do:

I perform signal processing of vibration data with LabVIEW. What I get as results are a lot of graphs such as spectrums, waveforms, intensity graphs, 3d surface graphs, etc. being the most important the 3 firsts.

Then, of course, I need to write some reports or powerpoint presentations, and I need to show the plots as figures. The data that I have is very large, (a waveform is sampled at 1,25 MS/s and I am ploting 10 seconds) so I can only export the simplified version of the image to the by right clicking the graph and then I paste it in Paint and save it in bmp format.

Sometimes I need to add some text on the images, so I do that also in Paint. Finally I import the bmp image to the word/powerpoint document and save it.

When I make a report, I use one of the available tools to convert the word .doc document into a pdf document (this tools that are like a printer), so I get as a result a PDF with the text and the images.

As you can imagine, the final result is not so good, particulary on the images. They are not so clear. I have seen some pdf documents which have images so clear that you can zoom it all you want and nothing happens. I believe these images are stored on a vectorial format.

Well now I want to improve the quality of my reports so first of all I want to use some Latex software to write the text. And of course, I would like to have my graphs - generated by LabVIEW - in this vectorial format. Does anyone know how can I do this?

I have read something about a dll which creates some .wmf image file but I don´t know very much about it.

thank you in advance,

PS: attached are some of my current images

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This is not want you wanted but may be useful.

In this thread boltzmann teaches us how to imbed the CW-3D graph in a PP presentation. You can manipulate the 3d graph IN PP !


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thank you Ben, I didn't knew that was possible
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I recently wanted to know how to print a graph.  If you search the Dev Zone for "graph print" you can find, among others, this link:  It helped me, but it may not be exactly what you want.
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