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how to draw valves and tanks in labview 6

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hello all


I am a beginner in LabVIEW. As a newcomer I have done small programs on blinking LEDs and controlling water level in tank and so on. Now I am doing a project on gas mixer. While exploring through the examples I saw a more or less similar example in the HELP option. In the GUI there were valves and tanks and pipes. Now my question is that how will I be able to draw these pipes, valves etc in the front panel of labview?


Thanks in advance



N.B i am attaching the picture of the front panel.

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You asked basically the same question in July 2010, and it was indicated that the valves and tanks came from the DSC module. If you cannot buy it then you will need to use LabVIEW's Control Editor to customize controls. The LabVIEW Help describes how to customize controls. You can also search the NI site for examples, like this one:

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thanks a lot.....actually i was in search of this editor only....

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