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how to draw graph


Dear brothers, pls help me. i want draw the garphlike i attached in the paint shhet. pls help.


x, y reading our guessing. This one actual based on my company project. graph show my machine vaccum level. max 7. min -3


i need to maintain level at 5. then also i need show some time fluctuation. not fully. pls how to draw.this continus cycle.

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Have you looked in the LabVIEW Example Finder for XY graphs?  It will show you different ways to use array and/or clusters to build and XY graph.


I don't understand what you are asking about the max 7, min -3, maintain at level 5 sentence.

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my macine maintain vaccum 5kg. based on the leak some time for it will go 7 or -3. after few seconds again it will maintain 5kg. i think tis one clear ur doubt. thx for ur reply

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I didn't have a doubt.  I had a statement that I didn't understand the rest of your question.  I do believe you know what you want, it just did not come through clearly in your question.  A doubt would be if I didn't believe you.


You asked for how to draw a graph and I directed you to look at examples built into LabVIEW.  I still don't understand how the details of your machine have anything to do with drawing the graph.  Are you having problems acquiring data from your machine?  Are you having programming problems in using the graph?  I'm sorry, but I can't help more without more detail in your question.  Perhaps you can post your VI so we can see what you've done so far.

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