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how to drag and drop to desktop

I know this topic is very old, but still hope to get help... I like very much MikeS81's example DragandDrop_LV85, but encountered an issue and hope also for help to a tiny improvement of it:


1) the example worked fine in LV8.5.1, but running in LV2011 the DragDetect function of the user32.dll in the subvi gives back the error "An exception occurred within the external code called by a Call Library Function Node..." I have not done yet a lot with windows library functions, so maybe someone else sees quickly what I am missing when wanting to run it in LV2011. (Note: Both LVs were running on Windows 7 64bit)


2) it would be nice in this example to show the MS Windows standard drag square cursor icon while dragging an item. Is this easy to implement? In the labview help I couldn't find this icon among the listed 32 icons. Do I need a library function for that? without this icon it's not easy for a user to understand that he's dragging an item to the desktop... 


By the way: my final goal is to drag a vi running in a subpanel outside that subpanel and position its front panel where the user releases the mouse (drops it). As this can be anywhere on the screen, I think I need windows library functions to implement this.

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