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how to do parallel mode operation in scxi 1520

how to give the channnel string parameter using nidaq for parallel mode operation.

i want all my 8 inputs of SCXI 1520 to be simultaneously sampled by PXI 6070E DAQ using Labview
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Hello, although NI-DAQ does not support using the SCXI-1520 in parallel mode, you can directly measure the parallel outputs with a DAQ device.

So, say for example that you want to read channels 0 through 7 of the SCXI-1520, you will have to configure your DAQ board in differential mode and then access each of the channels directly through your DAQ device (channels 0-7).

For more information about this, please see Chapter 2 (pages 2-22 and 2-23) of the SCXI-1520 User Manual

SCXI-1520 User Manual

Good luck with your application!
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