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how to display analog channels during a continuous acquisition, what type of Waveform used, Chart or Graph?

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I use Labview 8.5. and the device NI USB 6210.

I like to display analog channels during continuous acquisitions.

I can use Waveform chart or Waveform graph. Waveform chart allows to mange a history buffer. This function is very interresting and useful for my system but I cannot change this value by programmation (if i don't make error!). Thus, I was wondering if I also can use Waveform graph but I don't how to do a circular buffer to replace the function "history buffer". I have to use waveform like data type.

What is the best solution to resolve my issue? I 'd like to know if my solution is good (use waveform graph) and if someone have a solution to do a efficient circular buffer with waveform data type?

Thanks in advance, Regards, Daniel


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There is an example that ships with LabVIEW called "XY Chart". It shows you how to create a history buffer for an XY graph. The history size can be changed on the fly. You can adapt the "XY Chart Buffer" VI to work with a waveform datatype. That datatype consists of just 3 elements: start time, delta t, and array of values.The only thing you would be buffering is the array of values.
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