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how to delete the upper part of screen

Hi everybody!!!
I'm using LV 6.0 to create an interface man/machine and i'd like to delete the upper part of my screen, where there are all buttons which that aren't usefull to users!!!
Is it possible??
thanks by anticipation.
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It depends on what the buttons are connected to.  If you just delete the buttons (which you can!), you will get broken wires on the diagram.  So, you first want to make sure you really don't need those buttons. 

The easiest would be -- so as to not break the code -- to change those buttons into constants:  right-click on them and select change to constant. 

Again, it all depends on what the buttons are supposed to do.


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Hi khalid
thanks for your answer but i 'd rather speak of button: tools, execution, file, see only my interface on the screen!
i don't know if you understand what i say
sorry for my bad english!!!
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Oh OK.  To get rid of the Menu bar and the toolbar, go to VI Properties (from the File menu), then to Window Appearance.  Select Custom and the Customize.  here there are several options to change the appearance of your VI.
Sorry for misunderstanding your question earlier.
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Thank you very much Khalid!!!
Bye, have a good day!!!
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