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how to customize a VI and save it

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I wish to customize Auto Power and save the modified version.  I put Auto Pwower on my block diagram, then I double click to open, then I start modifying. When I click File, "Save As" is grayed out.  I don't want to save over the original; I want to make a new and slightly different VI.  How? I am using LV 2011. Auto Power Spectum is on the Spectral Analysis pallette within the Signal Processing group of functions.

Thank you.


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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

It is probably blocked from being resaved since it is part of an add-on toolkit you paid for.


Otherwise you could open the VI, save it as a new name, then give it away to someone.

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So I am out of luck?  OK.  Thank you RavensFan.  Not the first time I have benefitted from one of your answers.

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You could try opening up Auto Power and copying the contents of the block diagram to a new blank VI. From there you should be able to modify the code as you see fit and then save the VI under a new name. Just make sure you rewire the connector pane on your new front panel.

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