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how to creat a BPF

I have a program of analog output (sine wave at 20 kHz freq) and an analog input which samples the analog output.
I need to create a BPF after I create the sine wave. 
any help and thoughts?
thanks in advanced
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Hi Naama,


- what is a BPF? (Are you talking about Bandpass filters?)

- why do you convert your data to DDT wires? The DAQmx functions work better with "plain" wires like "array of DBL!"

- Why do you need a bandpass just behind the signal generation function?

- What's the point in using DAQmx IsTaskDone when you don't read its output?

- What's the problem at all? Apparently you already solved your problem!?

Best regards,
CLAD expired, using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2019 sometimes) on Win7+cRIO
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Hi, and thank you for your response.
What I need to do is a sine wave that need to go through Bandpass Filter- this will be my analog output and then I need to acquire this signal in my analog input channel.
the problem is when I added the filter the program doesn't work well there is an error (200284)
I have added the program. 
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You are loosing the timing information of your sine wave by using the Dynamic Data Type. Stick to the waveform, and you shouldn't get an error:grafik.png










Regards, Jens

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Jens, thank you very very very much!! you helped me a lot. 

Happy new year!


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Hi Jens,

Just one more question because I am new in Labview. 

I have add the new program with your comment and I look at the filtered signal graph and it doesn't look different though the inquire data look different.

I work with the X-series USB-6341 so the sampling info is now 500kHz.


thanks in advanced,



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