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how to convert string matrix to a matrix that can be potted using plot3dl function in scilab

Hello everyone,

When I try to put this matrix named power into the "plot3d1 (x,z,power)" function of scilab as one of the arguments, I get an error- "!--error 246
Function not defined for given argument type(s),
  check arguments or define function %c_plot3d1 for overloading. "


I think it has a problem with the type of the matrix "power" which is string type.  I'mr reading the matrix "power" from an input csv file.

the other two aguments- x and z  are of the type "double".

can anyone suggest possible solutions?




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What does this have to do with LabVIEW? 


While I have never used scilab, I suspect that your idea that the plot function does not accept strings is correct. In LabVIEW it is easy to read a csv file and convert it to a numeric array.



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