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how to connect an "or" to a "select"

i want to connect an "or" to a select funktion (to the s port). But i get an error message:
"you have connected an array data type to its element data type"
But why? The "or" funktion give out true or false, or? And the select funktion need such a type as input, or?
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Please notice that - like many other LabVIEW functions - the Or will adapt to the datatype connected to its inputs.

I guess that you have connected an array to at least on of the inputs and therefore the output will also be of that type.
Depending on what you are trying to do, the Or Array Elements function may be used.

Feel free to post back if you need further help.

Message Edité par JB le 05-10-2007 07:53 AM

Message Edité par JB le 05-10-2007 07:53 AM

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hi, simply right-click on the OR and select the "compare aggregates" options. This way you will get a sclar value as output.

Good luck

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Sorry Damiano but this option is only available for some comparison functions ! Search the LV help for "aggregates".
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now it works. i use the or arry element - thank you much
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