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how to communicate results from LabView windows to C socket on UNIX?

Hi, I am interested to buy LabView and I am going to use to control some devices. LabView would be residing on a windows machine and I will need to take input from a unix machine and provide output to it. I was thinking of using sockets and using TCP or UDP to do that. Can you suggest how can I communicate with a C socket program residing on UNIX machine with a labview program on windows? are there any features in LabView by which I can do that. I am new and thats why I needed to know.. your early response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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LabVIEW has both TCP and UDP functions. If you set up your unix program as a TCP/UDP data server, it's pretty simple to write a LabVIEW client and in fact, LabVIEW comes with a sample client program.
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